Former Lifer / How I Ruined Summer Vacation

by Have Fun Exploding.

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released January 1, 2011

Recorded and Mixed by Tyler Hepner in Atlanta, GA



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Have Fun Exploding. Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Former Lifer
And if it comes down to it
We'll burn this whole fucking city to the ground
I'll light that match myself
I'll level every bar in this fucking town.

Complacency, familiarity,
that's such a lazy game to play

And I remember when I was a kid
And I tried to stay positive
On the other side of the ocean
With the highway stretched out before me
Then one day I was 25
and I had a job that controlled my life
And the kid that I knew back then
Well that kid was just a lie

I know everything there is to know
About biting the hand that feeds
And affording Yourself that luxury
But the passion and emotion left beating in our chests
Mean's nothing if it's left sitting on our desk.
Track Name: How I Ruined Summer Vaccation
No, I'm not afraid
But for a change of pace, you're the one unsteady
Let's go back to your place
And I will make the same mistakes
Goddamn I regret them already

I should follow my advice, my motto, my council, my creed
Know what you are getting into, prepare accordingly

So I'll expect the worst, never to be let down.
Everybody says you failed and to let it go,
This could be my time to shine even though i know
I'm too impatient to see this through.

And I'm just biding my time until you get bored.
I've got my target in sight, I'll keep my peace of mind
I've got to keep my focus, I've got to fucking focus.